McClain Gallery is pleased to present A Golden Time of Day, a summer exhibition that playfully explores the use of gold in contemporary art.

The works in the show range from literal to poetic applications of the precious metal, and here gold is seen both as ornament and devotional object. The works throughout the exhibition were chosen to evoke a sun-hued and lighthearted mood; the title itself drawn from a painting by Houston-based artist Tierney Malone. At times the veneer of gold breaks away to uncover paintings, bronzes, porcelain, drawings and photographs.  

Christian Eckart's iconic late 1980s Andachtsbild and Detail paintings anchor the exhibition and employ gilding techniques that date back to Renaissance and Baroque religious icons. In doing so Eckart poses philosophical questions about the history of painting and the ability of art to create a transcendent experience.

The exhibition also includes work by: Louise Bourgeois, Donald Baechler, Jonathan Seliger, Jorge Pardo, Karin Broker, Jason Martin, Lorna Simpson, Cleve Gray, Luis Jimenez, Andy Yoder, The Art Guys, Katsumi Hayakawa, Milton Greene, Rachel Whiteread, Jenny Holzer, Sylvie Fleury, Ford Beckman and Ed Ruscha. 

A Golden Time of Day coincides with ArtHouston 2012 and an opening reception is scheduled for Saturday, July 14, 2-4 pm.