Anne Deleporte (b. 1960, Corsica, France) is a New York based multi-media artist who has always been fascinated with phenomena of disappearance. True to Deleporte’s signature practice of covering up to reveal, her videos, paintings, and photos engage themes of identity and enigma.

About her series of photo-frescoes, Sara Reisman wrote: "This is no doubt an artist’s filter of the newspaper. Images are privileged over words, suggesting a different kind of literacy. Deleporte’s selective reading creates a sense of order out of the glut of visual and textual matter we face daily, both awake and in dreams.... Like the news itself, Deleporte’s paintings leave certain details to the imagination. How one image or detail relates to another is part of the experiment. The real mystery is what Deleporte chooses to cover up."

Her large scale murals and video installations have been presented at the Musée des Beaux Arts d’Orléans (2016), Maison Européenne de la Photographie (2015), Queens Museum (2014), the Dallas Contemporary and Momenta Art NYC (2010), Museo do Paço Imperial in Rio de Janeiro (2009), Prospect.1 New Orleans (2008), and commissioned by NYC Public Arts (2014). Deleporte has exhibited nationally and internationally at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York; PS1 MoMA; Santa Monica Museum of Art; Shanghai Art Museum; Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne; Tang Museum, New York; Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris; Musée d’Art Moderne de la ville de Paris; and Musée de la Chasse, Paris. In 2013 she was awarded the Peter S. Reed Foundation Grant and participated in FotoFest, 2014 in Houston.