For her fifth solo exhibition at McClain Gallery, Angelina Nasso presents a new group of oil paintings inspired by the lush forest setting of upstate New York where she lives and works.

These paintings continue to explore what Nasso calls the "space of potentiality" in which we live and move through on a daily basis.  Her use of vibrant color and abstract forms is a vehicle for her continued study of the notion that all things come about from unity by means of adaption. For Nasso, the materialization of this energy is embodied in her painting through sweeping brush work resembling organic patterns that echo the fluidity between our inner and outer worlds and natural phenomena.

Over the years, Nasso has spoken about the relationship between the individual and the universe, and the interactive connection between the two.  Influenced by physicist John Wheeler's proposition that we live in a "participatory" universe, Nasso sees her work as an exploration of this planet, one that is a constant work in progress. When executed on a grand scale, these paintings seek the sublime: Nasso states that she is "in awe of the power of this beautiful world with its many extremes constantly pushing against itself and creating is a mystery."  

Angelina Nasso was born in Sydney, Australia. She has studied at the San Francisco Art Institute, the China National Academy of Art and the School of Visual Arts in New York. Nasso's work has been exhibited extensively in the Unites States, Europe and Asia and her work is represented in corporate collections worldwide including a major commission for Tiffany & Co. in Prague, Czech Republic.