McClain Gallery is pleased to present A Room of Her Own, a group exhibition that presents a diverse body of work from four generations of female artists. A variety of mediums will be represented: from sculptures to paintings to works on paper; artists include: Katherine Bernhardt, Karin Broker, Cecily Brown, Tara Donovan, Tracey Emin, Louise Fishman, Jenny Holzer, Rebecca Horn, Chantal Joffe, Inez van Lamsweerde, Alice Neel, Louise Nevelson, Judy Pfaff, Allison Schulnik, Kiki Smith, and Kelli Vance.

Throughout the exhibition is a dynamic presence of sculpture: the totemic strength of a Nevelson wall piece, a Tara Donovan accumulation, a poetic vitrine from Rebecca Horn, and an LED installation from Jenny Holzer. A clear visual dialogue emerges between the process-oriented abstraction of Louise Fishman's canvases, the figurative abstraction of a Cecily Brown drawing, and Judy Pfaff's richly layered collage work. Paintings by Alice Neel, Chantal Joffe, Kelli Vance, and Katherine Bernhardt highlight the female form and unorthodox approaches to portraiture.

The exhibition title is derived from Virginia Woolf's assertion in her extended essay titled A Room of One's Own, first published in 1929, that "a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction." Similarly, the exhibition A Room of Her Own celebrates the product and accomplishments of female artists.