Rob Reasoner’s personal and improvisational process is developed intuitively as he yields colorful and optically engaging paintings, no matter the scale.

Reasoner's study of music theory and piano informs his exploration of rhythmic lines of saturated color in his paintings. The limitless parade of uniform stripes remind one of visual manifestations of tempo and are the result of his exploration of dividing pictorial space between equal units, punctuating each with a different hue. Color has long been an interest of the artist and each painting leads the viewer on a visual experience of navigating the distinct cadence and colors used. Reasoner's impromptu choice of color and the dialogue between each line creates a unique optical vibration. Each painting reflects the artist's desire for order and perfection through a spontaneous, but still structured, process.  

Rob Reasoner was a Hunting Prize finalist in 2008 and has work in private collections across the country.